Team Coaching


I work as part of a team to boost performance and wellbeing, not just for individuals but throughout your organisation.

We put the power to develop your team in your hands, using this platform.

Here is some of the background:

The intellectual framework comes from Professor David Mathew’s work with more than 2000 organisations as a professor of organisational development, and a coach.

David has distilled that knowledge into evidence-based, bite-sized pieces.

Anyone in your team can get direct access and choose their own programme of learning exercises.

One example is the team review:

  • Team leader sets up the process, which is confidential to you and your team

  • Sends out survey to team members, and stakeholders if you want to include them

  • The results are benchmarked against all other teams in the database, so you can see what’s going well and what can improve

  • It’s immediately obvious where you agree or disagree with your stakeholders

  • You choose whether to work through the results in a facilitated workshop, or each person chooses their own bespoke exercises



If you’re a leader, you are probably nervous that this will expose your weaknesses. Never fear. A 2018 survey found that:

  • 94% said the process was useful/very useful for identifying team strengths

  • 93% said it was useful/very useful for improving team dynamics


These are some of the reasons teams might call on us:

  • you’re finally up to full strength as a team, after a period of time when key people have been missing.

  • there is inconsistency when customers ask different team members about their purpose

  • individuals have been promoted without the opportunity to consider how they want to be leaders rather than subject experts

  • there is some history of conflict within the team, and trust has been eroded

  • you know that you’re already delivering well, but you also know that the environment requires your performance to go to the next level


If you’d like an idea of how this might work for your team, please get in touch with me.