Meet Mary Fenwick

International business coach and journalist


You are changing your slice of the world. You bring your whole self to that project, but there are days when even that doesn’t feel like enough. Making time to see your best friend is an achievement. You browse all the books in WH Smith at the airport, looking for the latest one big answer.

Your mission might be to ensure that your charity helps the people it’s aimed at, and doesn’t get bogged down in internal arguments. Or to re-create your business so it reflects your customers now. Or to step into local or national politics and do it in a new way. You want to leave a legacy which makes your family proud, and makes people smile when they talk about you.

Maybe you’re here because someone has suggested you need a coach. Maybe you’ve met me at an event and you’re wondering what it would be like to work with me. Maybe you’ve seen a change in a colleague who seems calmer, more focussed and productive these days, and puts that down to coaching.

I’m not here to fix you, or give you the answers. You have your own best answers. I have some tools which might help you find them, but the most important thing is going to be something immeasurable in the way we work together. I know you like data, but the neuroscience about how trust works is only just emerging. You know your job far better than I do, my role is to help you collate what you need from the wide world of coaching.

This is what people who have worked with me say:

I have better knowledge of my own professional and personal priorities

The experience taught me that an aim of mine is to enjoy the work that I find so worthwhile, as well as pursuing achievement

A particularly rewarding aspect was Mary’s recommendations of science-based readings in between meetings. This allowed me to independently pursue deeper knowledge. 

Helped me to develop techniques that I use every day, and improve my professional life in ways that have been meaningful and long-lasting. 

Her coaching sessions have helped me to understand and build on my strengths, as well as gain clarity on my career plans and goals. 

Perhaps most importantly, I know how to go about finding the tools that will assist me in meeting future opportunities and challenges.


We will contract for six months of working together. I work with a small number of clients at any one time, so the timing and structure can be tailor-made. The gold standard is being in the same space because we both give and gain so much more information. I like to go for a walk at least once with each client.

At our initial meeting, we will work together on an outline structure of what each month will cover. We nearly always include:

– what’s going well and how to maximise it

– discover and develop your own under-utilised strengths

– building hope and optimism in yourself and others

– how to influence the pre-conditions for your best work

– a personal database of tiny changes to help in a crisis

Mary Fenwick

Working with you to make a change in the world.


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