Meet Mary Fenwick

International business coach and journalist


What is getting in your way, and how might I help?

You are the kind of person who wants their work to be part of the greater good. The element of service is a key part of your leadership. You want to stand up and be counted, and stay true to your own core values.

Some of the obstacles you face are beyond your direct control.

How do you keep going when it’s hard?

What’s worked for others in similar positions?

What replenishes your well, when you are giving so much to other people?

What do you want to hold on to?

What do you need to let go of?

You already know that doing great work is energising. It’s more often the small things that suck your energy and make you want to give up. More people are looking for your example and your wisdom, and sometimes it’s hard to stay clear about your own priorities.


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This is Mary and her ladies

I work with people whose decisions have an impact beyond their families and private lives, because I want to see more people like you changing the world.

Through me, you will be learning from a lot of different experiences. I’ve worked with public servants and leaders in countries including the UK, New Zealand, India, Tibet, Libya, the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You might work in values-driven business, social enterprise, not-for-profit, the civil service, academia, or politics. You are sceptical, but not cynical, and you still believe we can all make the world a better place. You look for value, and what works.

Part of my perspective comes from my own career path starting in a FTSE-100 company, through not-for-profit leadership and now independent writing and business coaching.

“My biggest live audience so far is 8000 in Hong Kong. I write a monthly column as an agony aunt for Psychologies magazine. I’ve done the talking and the walking, and my experience is at your service.”

Mary Fenwick

Working with you to make a change in the world.


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