About Mary

Helping teams and leaders perform better at work

Mary started her career as a journalist, then moved into corporate public affairs, where she specialised in the relationship between business and government.

Her expertise in cross-sectoral networks as a director of the Whitehall and Industry Group, led her to become the founder chair in the UK for what has become New Zealand’s most successful expat network.

Mary’s journalism includes Radio New Zealand, London Weekend Television, editing a magazine (NZInspired), writing for The Times, the New Zealand Listener and a monthly advice column for Psychologies magazine.

In 2009, Mary trained as an executive coach with Meyler Campbell https://www.meylercampbell.com . She continues to combine scepticism and kindness in all her work.

Mary’s strengths are in:

  • Developing a leadership style which is sustainable and authentic, using stories to build engagement

  • Improving business relationships, problem solving and personality differences in a business environment.

  • Building confidence and skills in networking, chairing meetings, and setting priorities

  •   Using neutral vocabulary to work on dynamics, performance and challenges within teams, using stakeholder feedback for improvement

In addition, Mary works with the founders of political parties in countries where there is a desire to see more women in power.

She uses her breadth of experience as a podcast guest, speaker and chair of panels, especially related to women in public life or leadership.